We Are a Movement That Recognizes Fear and Facilitates Connections

Why was StopB4UStart created? Sadly, drugs & alcohol have a stranglehold on millions of young people today worldwide, stripping away their chance for a stable, happy and productive life. We want to change that and give the youth the very best chance to a great life by reaching them before there’s a problem.

A national study done by NCADD revealed that more teens are dying from drug overdoses than people dying from motor vehicle accidents per year. There are 2.5 million alcohol-related deaths worldwide annually—320,000 of those being young people ages 15-29 years of age. Something needs to be done.

unnamedFounder Danny Murphy

Outreach for Prevention

Founder Danny Murphy has been visiting schools and churches in an effort to get his message across. “I want kids to be heard and understood. If that happens, and my movement creates this, then they may stop before they start. That is my goal. I believe my documentary and movement will save lives.”

young people will die this year of alcohol related deaths worldwide

Mission Statement

“We are a movement that empowers individuals to stop using drugs and alcohol before they start.”

StopB4UStart, Inc. 2016

In The News

StopB4UStart, Inc. received a $10,000 grant from The UPS Foundation, which drives global corporate citizenship and philanthropic programs for UPS (NYSE:UPS).

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Founder Danny Murphy and members of Stop B4U Start recently appeared on The Grief Girl radio show! Stream this special episode below that’s educational, inspirational, and funny. Listen to stories of our own addictions and recovery, and why we care so much about helping teens today.

Documentary Debuts

StopB4UStart Premieres Sept 27, 2015 At 3pm at Capistrano Beach, CA featuring very powerful testimonies of all ages and has a call to action all throughout the film.

Our Partners


Why Donate to Us?

  • We reach kids when they are making early decisions about drug and alcohol use
  • Community support, community board members and community events mean we stay in touch with real world outreach
  • As a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation, your donation is tax deductible
  • Whether you can help us or we can help you, we are here for you

Our Executive Board Members

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Danny Murphy

Founder, Minister & Public Speaker

Founder of StopB4UStart is a dynamic public speaker with 19 years
of sobriety helping those in need into recovery.

Jason Peters

Co-Founder of StopB4UStart
Software Trainer
Database Administrator
StopB4UStart Social Media & Website Manager

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Stephanie Capasso


Licensed Vocational Nurse
BLS Telemetry
AICD and IV Certified
Director of Staff Development

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Travis Burch


Attorney At Law

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Josh Hamburg

CIP:Program Director
Clinical Supervisor
Drug & Alcohol Counselor

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David Eric Sklar

Business Owner Entrepreneur Board Member

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Chris Munger

Realtor and Broker
Owner of The Munger Group

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Neil P. Osnato

Director of Major Gifts