Who are we and how are we making a difference?

We are a cause that empowers & educates individuals to consider stopping before they ever start using drugs and alcohol. We have finished filming a documentary that features very powerful testimonies of all ages and has a call-to-action all throughout the film. Another main goal of our documentary is to help audiences better understand why we even start using drugs and alcohol in the first place. StopB4UStart will be a national movement, offering many resources, tools and programs beyond this very powerful film. We want to let kids and everyone watching this film to know that they’re not alone and that help is available.

With your help, we can secure the resources needed to release this film so that our team can educate, empower, and offer strong support to our viewers and for those who need answers. Please strongly consider financially supporting this worthy cause because StopB4UStart will ultimately save lives!

To date, our organization has directly affected over 900 lived. StopB4UStart recently sponsored a community outreach presentation and was directly influential in the following ways:

  • One young lady received an invitation to attend the event just as she was about to commit suicide. She attended and is now taking the steps necessary to end her drug addiction.
  • Parents of an overdose victim also attended and have reached out for help in overcoming their pain.
  • A mother in attendance whose son is using drugs contacted us for help, and her son is now in treatment.

Mission Statement

“We are a movement that educates and empowers individuals to stop using drugs and alcohol before they start.” –StopB4UStart, Inc. 2016

Why was StopB4UStart created?

Sadly, drugs & alcohol has a stranglehold on millions of young people today worldwide, stripping away their chance for a stable, happy and productive life. We want to change that and give the youth the very best chance to a great life by reaching them before there’s a problem.


A national study done by NCADD revealed that more teens are dying from drug overdoses than people dying from motor vehicle accidents per year. There are 2.5 million alcohol-related deaths worldwide annually—320,000 of those being young people ages 15-29 years. Something needs to be done. With the current system in place, trying to treat those with drug and alcohol dependence just isn’t working.

Board Members

Daniel Murphy, Minister, Public Speaker & Founder of StopB4UStart

Lynn Sanchez, High School Teacher, Head of English Department at Capistrano Valley HS & Co-Founder of StopB4UStart

Jason Peters, Software Trainer, Blockchain Developer & Co-Founder of  StopB4UStart

Travis Birch, Attorney-at-Law, General Counsel & Treasurer for StopB4UStart

Christopher J. Munger, Executive Board Memeber & Owner of The Munger Group

Stephanie CapassoLicensed Vocational Nurse, ACLS BLS, Telemetry AICD Certified. IV Certified. Director of Staff Development, Nurse Case Manager, Ventilation Certified, Subacute Nurse.

Josh Hamburg, CADC-CS, ICCS, CIP; Program Director, Clinical Supervisor, Drug & Alcohol Counselor, Interventionist.

Bettina Delay-Hohn, Master of Science Hotel & Restaurant Management, Switzerland. Catering Sales Executive at Kiros Catering. Freelance Travel Writer.

Advisory Board

Kevin Fields, Business Consultant.

Lynn Sanchez, High School Teacher and Head of English Department at Capistrano Valley HS

Robin Davis, Accountant & StopB4UStart Business Administrator.


Rick Davis, Producer/Director of photography vision2media

Jens Christy, CATCII, Associate Pastor of Recovery at Capo Beach Church

Susie Hopson-Blum, Partner and Director of New Method Wellness

Carlos N Olvera, Mayor of Dana Point

Colleen Szot, Script Writer

Duke-Joseph Merhi, Luxurious Report, LLC

Cameron Talley, Orange County Deputy District Attorney

Judge Adams, Superior Court Judge actively involved in the fight against drugs and alcohol will be acting as Liaison to the court/penal system

Phil Deol

Ann Bailey

Marina Hainey

The UPS Foundation

Oracle Foundation

Contributors (cont)

Glenn Maddalon, Chief Development Officer at The American Red Cross

Travis Birch, Attorney-at-Law and General Counsel for StopB4UStart.

Laura Dill, PhD in Education & Teacher at Saddleback College

Amy Christle, CEO & Founder of Pacific Palms

Carolyn McNamara, Vice President of Tilly’s Inc.

Patt Ochoa, Adolescent Counselor and Co-Founder of Sustain Recovery

Todd Zalkins, Interventionist for All-In Interventions