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Danny MurphyFounder of StopB4UStart


Daniel Murphy, also known as “Danny” by his peers and collegues is a dynamic public speaker and life coach with over 22 years of sobriety who has a passion for helping others, he has saved many lives and still continues to save lives in the process. He devotes his life to helping those in need of sobriety and has led them and continues to lead them into a life of sobriety and recovery. He is an extraordinary individual who helps people in need maintain a positive outlook on all aspects of life in a world of treatment and recovery.

Danny Murphy is an individual that is recognized and acknowledged in the recovery community by his peers and collegues. Having numerous years as a recovering addict and survivor of an attempted suicide, he founded StopB4UStart, a non-profit corporation, where he is the president. He works as an ordained minister, life coach, and public speaker for a diverse range of organizations.

Danny Murphy has been involved in the treatment community, including recovery centers, churches, public high schools, private high schools, colleges and corporations. In these organizations, his role is to share his documentaries, form panels with a variety of speakers (credentialed and certified teachers and recovering addicts), and his own personal experience, strength, love and hope.

His vision and aspiration is to be able to educate and empower children and teenagers to make positive decisions and follow a bright path to their futures. He is determined to empower children, teenagers, and adults to remain abstinent from using drugs or alcohol. He is an advocate, using his vision to prevent individuals from using drugs or alcohol before they ever start. His mission is to keep many individuals from crossing the invisible line into addiction. He works to recognize fear and facilitate connection among youth.


  •  Orange County Juvenile Hall and other detention Centers
  • Guest speaker of Public Affair Radio Show, KSON-FM,
  • Channel 7 News in New York,
  • Rayburn House Office of Congress
  • A&E Intervention television program
  • Chamber guest of Orange County Superior Court Judge Adams,
  • Los Angeles County Probation Officers
  • Continued Education, Juvenile Hall Probation Officers
  • Rx Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Current opportunities include Oracle Corporation and United Parcel Post (UPS) Corporation.

A Word from Danny

The most painful thing you can see is when a family loses a young adult or teenager because of alcohol or drug addiction. It kills every single day and we are seeing more deaths by overdose of young people than ever before. It is epidemic.

That is why we created the StopB4UStart documentary, which features 20 of the most renowned public speakers on the topic of alcoholism and addiction who dealt with it themselves. I know we can make a difference and save families from this unnecessary heartache. I know that those precious lives can be helped.

StopB4UStart is more than a documentary; it is about dedicating as many resources as possible and putting them towards that effort. We are a passionate, hands-on non-profit organization seeking those in need and empowering them to stop before they ever have to go through the tragic and brutal life that is addiction.

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